Culinary Arts Japanese Techniques Class Module 3

By Amelia Seko
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00

Learn the basic techniques and culinary knowledge to make Japanese Cuisine for a cafe kitchen.

The focus will be on preparing basic stock, basic Japanese rice preparation, cutting techniques and basic sauces used for cooking, pickling and dipping.


The focus of this class is on decorative Bento.

Temari-sushi (decorative sushi)

Ebi No Umari (simmered shrimp)

Nimono (simmered roots vegetable)

Datemaki (sweet rolled omelette)

Ringo kinton (apple with sweet potato)

Grilled sanma (pacific sayoury fish)

Namasu (lotus root pickled) 

Notes for SkillsFuture Credit Claims:

The SkillsFuture course code is CRS-N-0035221.

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