Foundations Of Asian Cuisine - Confinement Dishes (Vinegar Pork Knuckle)

By Low Shih Erh
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$145.00

Getting pregnant is one of the most important moments for a woman in her life. From pregnancy to labor to post childbirth, a woman experiences various changes in her body and there is a need to recuperate after giving birth. Confinement is a tradition deeply ingrained in the Chinese culture. New mothers observe a certain routine and diet tailored to help accelerate the mother’s recovery.

Learn some of the popular confinement dishes targeted towards dispelling “wind” from the body, quelling heatiness, boosting blood circulation and revitalizing strength.

Steamed Herbal Kampung Chicken
Vinegar Pork Knuckle
Pork Ribs Black Bean Soup
Toasted Rice Drink