Cocktail Mixology And Basic Bartending Skills For Home Personal Use

By Cocktail Mixologist
Duration: 2 hours/session
For: 1 session
Price: S$100.00

Concocting cocktails isn't rocket science, we're here to allow you to give it a go. Unlike an instructional session, following a YouTube video or reading off a website, we provide a complete lesson for you to understand, learn and enjoy cocktails.

We'll start from the basics of cocktails and spirits, basic bartending skills and also the tools needed in your home bar. We will then move on to teaching you on how to make the same international cocktails that you see on bar menus, or a special menu created just for you and based on your preference or theme.

Any questions will be answered as well by our experienced mixologist during the lesson, brief history lessons about cocktails will also be covered.

Cocktails to be covered will include:
- Old Fashioned
- Whiskey Sour
- Mojito

Mocktails to be covered will include:
- Ginger Lemonade
- Virgin Pina Colada

Depending on the ingredients and alcohol available, there may be some changes to the menu. If you have any special cocktails you would like to learn, do let us know when you enroll for the class.