SF Chocolate Techniques Workshop Module 1

By Al Manas
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00
Please call us at 65 6478 9746 to enquire more about the upcoming class

Learn the basic techniques and culinary knowledge to make chocolates that are typically sold in chocolate shops. The focus will be on:

Working with Chocolate - Getting around the equipment you need
Tempering Chocolate - understanding temperature's effects and how to manage it
Making different chocolate ganache

The products will cover are:

- 2 types of hand moulded truffles - with a premade shell and one without the shell
These Truffles will be coated in different coatings as well, depending on its flavour.

- Chocolate Pralines made in a Polycarbonate Mould

- Ganache Fillings:
Salted caramel
Rum and raisin

Notes for SkillsFuture Credit Claims:

The SkillsFuture course code is CRS-N-0035192.

Please sign up for the class and pay for your class as per the normal procedure on this website.

We will contact you to inform you about the claim procedure.