SF Asian Pastry Techniques : Hokkaido Cheesecake Tarts And Xiao Long Bao

By Paula Tan
Duration: 4 hours/session
For: 2 sessions
Price: S$250.00

Learn the basic techniques and culinary knowledge to make Asian Pastry. The focus will be on making Hokkaido cheesecake tarts and xiao long bao. Learn what equipment you need, how they will be cooked, the timing and temperature required.

Day One

Hokkaido cheese tarts
Preparation of dough for tart shells
Master shaping dough into small baking tart tins
Understanding of blind baking the crust
Learning the difference between western and japanese cheese filling
Learn to bake and control temperature for small delicate pastries.

Day Two

Xiao long bao
Preparation of xiao long bao dough
Mixing of  pork/ aspic filling
Master the art of rolling and shaping the bao with at least 18 small pleats 
Preparation of bamboo steamers and steam baos to perfection.
Preparation of ginger vinegar sauce

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