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Chef In Training (Pastry) : Intermediate

With more complex techniques, further your pastry skills.

Duration: 4 hours/session

For: 8 sessions

Fees: $1,500.00

Chef: Cynthia Pau

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

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A continuation of Chef in Training (Pastry) Foundations, the next 8 classes will focus on the following areas:

Cake layering techniques

Understanding chocolates

Incorporating chocolates into desserts

The basics of stacking & frosting a cake

Buttercream piping techniques

Charlotte Russe Cake

Petit Fours: Modern Pastry Techniques

Royal Icing Decorations

The Intermediate Level is ideal for people who have completed Chef in Training (Pastry) Foundations or have had some prior experience to baking. It is fast paced and the chef will expect you to have a good foundation in baking. 

Terms and Conditions: 

Participants must enroll for the entire 8 sessions. They will receive the following mandatory Palate Sensations tool kit which is required for all sessions. For those who already have the kit, they will be given a $100 discount. 

Personalized chef's jacket

Palate Sensations towel

Palate Sensations apron

Paring knife


Palate knife

Rubber spatula

Flat scraper

Palate Sensations reusable bag

It is recommended you attend all 8 sessions in 1 continuous intake as some products and techniques will be used in the following sessions. 

An entire module is designated as 1 continuous intake and not different sessions from different in takes to make up 8 sessions. 

There will be no make up session if you are not able to come to the confirmed session for whatever reason.

In the unlikely event that a scheduled session does not reach the minimum number required for the session or due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, Palate Sensations reserves the right to change the date of or cancel the session. If that occurs, a refund of any payment will be offered/given minus any discounts (if applicable. The final fee calculation is subject to the discretion of Palate Sensations). 

Palate Sensations does not guarantee the availability of any class (whether for adults or children, or as advertised on the Website or through any other means) until your booking is confirmed, and where applicable, the required class size is reached.

Product: Opera Cake

Things you will learn:

Using the palette knife to smooth frostings and creams evenly

Creating even layers

Understanding temperature control and ensuring the mediums are at their optimum fluidity

Differences between the meringues and their usability

Using the standing mixer and its advantages

Recipes covered:

Almond Sponge

Italian Meringue

Coffee Buttercream

Chocolate Ganache

Dark Chocolate Mirror Glaze

Products: Bon Bons, Hand Moulded Chocolate Truffles

Things you will learn:

Understanding the different types of chocolates available

Couverture vs Compound

Learning the process of making chocolate from bean to bar

What are the stated percentages and how you should select them

How to temper chocolate to achieve snap and shine

Different tempering techniques

Using polycarbonate moulds to create bon bons

Understanding how temperature affects chocolate and creates different consistencies

Ganache fundamentals and understanding how to flavour them


Bergamot Ganache

Rum and Raisin Ganache

Hand Moulded Chocolate Truffles with Coatings

Bon Bons

Product: Gateaux Mousse

Things you will learn:

Creating a multi-component mousse entremet

Creating the different components

Understanding how to assemble the components into a silicone mould

Creating a marbled mirror glaze and applying it to a large frozen dessert 


Praline Paste

Paillete Feuilletine

Dark Chocolate Mousse

Product: 4-layered cake with an ombre coloured scalloped design

Things you will learn:

How to achieve a light and fluffy butter sponge cake

Create a frosting that can stick well to the cake

Crumb coating and its purpose

Choosing a proper cake medium for stacking

How to create a scalloped buttercream design

Developing an ombre colour scheme and applying it to the cake


Butter Sponge Cake

Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Products: 9 intricately decorated cupcakes with 3 individual floral designs

Things you will learn:

Using different piping tips to create different designs

Colouring of buttercream and which kind of colourings can be used

Water-based colourings vs oil-based colourings

Creating flower and leaf patterns using a piping bag


Vanilla Cupcakes

Italian Meringue Buttercream

Product: Charlotte Russe

Things you will learn:

Learn how to assemble a cake with a cremeux and mousse

How to pipe an intricate border design with the lady fingers batter

Making lady finger sponge 


Lady Fingers

Pastry Cream

Chantilly Cream


Strawberry Coulis

Products: Macarons, Ice cream

Things you will learn:

Using traditional techniques to create modern designs

Using gelling agents to achieve different textures

Making small bite-sized desserts that consist of different components


Products: Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing Decorations

Things you will learn:

How to make royal icing

Understand different consistencies of royal icing for different applications

Decorate with multiple techniques including wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry techniques through multiple designs


Sugar Cookies

Royal Icing

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