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Chef In Training (Pastry) : Intermediate

With more complex techniques, further your pastry skills.

Duration: 4 hours/session

For: 8 sessions

Fees: $1,500.00

Chef: Al Manas

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

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A continuation of Chef in Training (Pastry) Foundations, the next 8 classes will focus on the following areas:

All about preparing mise en place

Learning how to assemble a cake in different ways using mousse, bavarian and cremuex

Perfecting layers of cake

Plated desserts

Introduction to chocolate

Learning how to make macarons and petit fours using all the desserts you learnt so far

Introduction to Viennoiserie


The Intermediate Level is ideal for people who have completed Chef in Training (Pastry) Foundations or have had some prior experience to baking. It is fast paced and the chef will expect you to have a good foundation in baking.



Terms and Conditions:


Participants must enroll for the entire 8 sessions. They will receive the following mandatory Palate Sensations tool kit which is required for all sessions. For those who already have the kit, they will be given a $100 discount. 


Personalized chef's jacket

Palate Sensations towel

Palate Sensations apron

Paring knife


Palate knife

Rubber spatula

Flat scraper

Palate Sensations reusable bag



It is recommended you attend all 8 sessions in 1 continuous intake as some products and techniques will be used in the following sessions.



An entire module is designated as 1 continuous intake and not different sessions from different in takes to make up 8 sessions.



There will be no make up session if you are not able to come to the confirmed session for whatever reason.


In the unlikely event that a scheduled session does not reach the minimum number required for the session or due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, Palate Sensations reserves the right to change the date of or cancel the session. If that occurs, a refund of any payment will be offered/given minus any discounts (if applicable. The final fee calculation is subject to the discretion of Palate Sensations).



Palate Sensations does not guarantee the availability of any class (whether for adults or children, or as advertised on the Website or through any other means) until your booking is confirmed, and where applicable, the required class size is reached.






Sponges (includes butter sponge cake, jaconde sponge, chocolate sponge)


Praline paste

Pate sucre


Creme patissiere

We will be making mousse and cremuex:

Croquant au chocolat with spider web glaze


Opera Cake

3 Layer Cake with Buttercream Frosting 

Deconstructed cheesecake with berry compote and seasonal berries

Crispy vanilla cigars

Moelleux au chocolate


2 different types of fillings

Tempering chocolate

Learn how to make bon bons

Hand moulded truffles coated with tempered chocolate


Assorted desserts from our previous modules. Practice make perfect!

Croissant dough


Shaping, rolling, proofing and baking croissants

Learn how to knead dough

Brioche dough

Brioche a tete

Brioche loaf

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