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Chef In Training (Culinary) : Intermediate Weekend

Duration: 3 hours/session

For: 5 sessions

Fees: $1,500.00

Chef: Randall Tailford

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Welcome to the next level of your culinary journey! The Intermediate module covers topics and recipes that are complex and require familiarity with basic culinary techniques.

Delving deeper into French cuisine, we will learn classical Charcuterie and learn to manage seafoods such as oysters and lobsters. Educate yourself on the specific temperatures and doneness of meats and understand the important factors that make a perfect omelette or pasta.

As a sequel, it is recommended that you attend Chef in Training Foundations. Intermediate is fast paced and demanding but the fruits of your labour are sweet and satisfying.

This 8 session course covers a range of culinary skills intended to help bridge the gap between the amateur home gourmand and the professional chef. For those who have some knowledge of cooking, Intermediate can be completed before Foundations.


Testimonial from a previous participant:

French cooking was alien to me until I joined the classes. I loved the experience and Francois was amazing. I"™m thrilled to be able to call friends and family over for a French meal and receive compliments for the food. - Vaishali Cooper


Terms and Conditions:

Participants enrolled for the entire 8 sessions will receive the following Palate Sensations tool kit. This is a mandatory kit and is required for all class attendance. A refund of $200 will be given for those who already have this kit from attending previous chef in training sessions:

Personalized chef/'s jacket

Palate Sensations towel

Palate Sensations apron

A chef and paring knife

Palate Sensations reusable bag

For those taking individual sessions, the fees will be $195 nett per participant per session.

For those taking the entire module, the fees will be $1500 nett per participant for all 8 sessions.

Best enrolled as an entire module but you can also enroll for individual sessions.

An entire module is designated as 1 continuous intake and not different sessions from different in takes to make up 8 sessions.

There will be no make up session if you are not able to come to the confirmed session for whatever reason.

If you are not sure whether you can attend all 8 dates in that module, we suggest you sign up for individual sessions.

In the unlikely event that a scheduled session does not reach the minimum number required for the session or due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, Palate Sensations reserves the right to change the date of or cancel the session. If that occurs, a refund of any payment will be offered/given minus any discounts (if applicable. The final fee calculation is subject to the discretion of Palate Sensations).

Palate Sensations does not guarantee the availability of any session (whether for adults or children, or as advertised on the Website or through any other means) until your booking is confirmed, and where applicable, the required session size is reached.

This class will be taught by either Chef Francois Mermilliod from Bar A Thyme and/or Palate Sensations/' Executive Chef Randall Tailford.

Parmesan Risotto Tagliatelle Carbonara Prawn Aglio Olio
Roast Chicken Roasted Rack of Lamb with Herb Crust Potato Dauphinois Porchetta
Shucking Oysters Clams Mariniere Seared Scallops With Beurre Blanc Pan Roasted Lobster With Shellfish Reduction
Sourdough Baguette Focaccia with Gremolata Brioche Bread
Seared Tuna Tataki Chicken Karaage With Spicy Mayo Breaded Stuffed Button Mushrooms Blinis With Smoked Salmon Thai Fish Cakes With Prawn Seared Duck Breast

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