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Chef In Training (Culinary) : Foundations Weekend

A superb foundation and an introduction to western culinary techniques.

Duration: 3 hours/session

For: 8 sessions

Fees: $1,500.00

Chef: Randall Tailford

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

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Immerse yourself into the world of Western cooking techniques over 8 sessions where you will explore recipes from different food categories. We will work on precision knife skills and exposure to the ingredients and culinary techniques that are common to us.

The Foundations level is ideal for people who have none or some prior experience to cooking. Comfortably paced, we aim to teach you technical skills rather than just recipes.

At the end of the Foundations Course you will have the ability to create dishes of restaurant quality and will impress your friends and family. If you would like to continue expanding your culinary horizons, we welcome you to the next level of excellence in the Chef in Training Intermediate Course.


Testimonial from a previous participant:

My son and I enjoyed the class tremendously. We had fun and we learnt good cooking skills and gained knowledge on ingredients. We surprised ourselves at end of every lessons by producing great tasting dishes as a team! Specials thanks to Chef Francois and Palate Sensations for the great experience! - Lita Chew


Terms and Conditions:

Participants enrolled for the entire 8 sessions will receive the following Palate Sensations tool kit. This is a mandatory kit and is required for all class attendance. A refund of $200 will be given for those who already have this kit from attending previous chef in training sessions:

Personalized chef/'s jacket

Palate Sensations towel

Palate Sensations apron

A chef and paring knife

Palate Sensations reusable bag

For those taking individual sessions, the fees will be $195 nett per participant per session.

For those taking the entire module, the fees will be $1500 nett per participant for all 8 sessions.

Best enrolled as an entire module but you can also enroll for individual sessions.

An entire module is designated as 1 continuous intake and not different sessions from different in takes to make up 8 sessions.

There will be no make up session if you are not able to come to the confirmed session for whatever reason.

If you are not sure whether you can attend all 8 dates in that module, we suggest you sign up for individual sessions.

In the unlikely event that a scheduled session does not reach the minimum number required for the session or due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, Palate Sensations reserves the right to change the date of or cancel the session. If that occurs, a refund of any payment will be offered/given minus any discounts (if applicable. The final fee calculation is subject to the discretion of Palate Sensations).

Palate Sensations does not guarantee the availability of any session (whether for adults or children, or as advertised on the Website or through any other means) until your booking is confirmed, and where applicable, the required session size is reached.

This class will be taught by either Chef Francois Mermilliod from Bar A Thyme and/or Palate Sensations/' Executive Chef Randall Tailford.

Knife sharpening, specific knives, knife skills on handling, and identifying common ingredients, safety in the kitchen, use of tools and equipment, food hygiene, "cooking with integrity - combining flavours". Minestrone Soup Creamy Mushroom Soup Vegetable Stock

Learn how to make different types of salads and dressings.

Basic Mayonnaise

Classic Caesar Salad

Prawn And Avocado Salad with Vinaigrette Sauce

Classic Potato Bacon Salad

Debone chicken and learn different cooking methods like braising and pan searing. Basic Chicken Stock Coq Au Vin (Braised Chicken In Red Wine With Mushrooms) Ratatouille Pan Seared Chicken Breast

Learn marination techniques and cooking methods with chicken based recipes.

Pan Roasted Lemon Oregano Chicken with Mashed Potatos and French beans

Honey Glazed Barbecued Wings with Harissa

Roulade of Chicken Thigh with Saute Corn and Peppers

Learn different cuts of beef and different cooking methods with beef based recipes

Beef Burger with Pomme Frites and Caramelised Onion

Seared Steak with Red Wine Jus

Hungarian Goulash

Learn how to fillet fish and different cooking methods with fish based recipes Basic Fish Stock Salmon Gravlax Pan Seared Fish, Wilted Spinach, Glazed Carrots & Lemon Butter Sauce Poisson En Papillote

Learn more techniques with fish and its trimmings and how to complement seafood with fish in these recipes

Breaded Salmon and Potato Cakes

Mediterranean Zuppa di Pesce - Clams & Fish Stew

Battered Calamari

Learn how to make fresh pasta and classic sauces.

Gnocchi With Pesto Spinach And Ricotta

Ravioli With Burnt Butter & Sage

Tagliatelle With Bolognaise Sauce

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