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Celebrate Christmas With European Pastries and Breads Module 2

A comprehensive class making panettone, strudel, mince pies and cookies.

Duration: 4 hours/session

For: 1 session

Fees: $148.00

Chef: Al Manas

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

Combining the best of the both worlds, this course covers an iconic Christmas bread and decadent desserts to awe your family and friends this season. 

The Panettone, a traditional festive cake for the Italians, is a significant centre piece for the season, made with citrus and other dried fruits like cherries and raisins. 

There is no Christmas without Gingerbread cookies! Not a bread at all, these cookies have a solid snap and are usually decorated with colourful icing. You can make them into any shape that you would like and then its design is up to your creativity.

Strudel and Mince pies are also common for the season’s festivities, made with cooked apples and dried fruits.


This course will span 4 hours and the items you will learn are:


Gingerbread cookies with Royal Icing 

Apple and Cranberry Strudel

Mince Pies

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