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3 Days Japanese Cuisine

Experience a variety of Japanese food though this 3 day culinary journey!

Duration: 4 hours/session

For: 3 sessions

Fees: $500.00

Chef: Amelia Seko

Alert! Not enough quantity is available!

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One of the most popular cuisines in the world, Japanese cuisine is historically influenced by Chinese cuisine although it has opened up to influence from the West as well. Traditionally, the Japanese shunned meat due to Buddhism but with modernisation, this has led to the introduction of meat. In these series of classes, we focus on classic Japanese cuisine, one pot meals and fine dining experiences.

Participants will work in pairs although some group work may be necessary.

Terms and Conditions:

For those taking individual sessions, the fees will be $175 nett per participant per session.

For those taking the entire module, the fees will be $500 nett per participant for all 3 sessions.

An entire module is designated as 1 continuous intake and not different sessions from different in takes to make up 3 sessions.

There will be no make up session if you are not able to come to the confirmed session for whatever reason.

If you are not sure whether you can attend all 3 dates in that module, we suggest you sign up for individual sessions.

In the unlikely event that a scheduled session does not reach the minimum number required for the session or due to unforeseen exceptional circumstances, Palate Sensations reserves the right to change the date of or cancel the session. If that occurs, a refund of any payment will be offered/given minus any discounts (if applicable. The final fee calculation is subject to the discretion of Palate Sensations).

Palate Sensations does not guarantee the availability of any session (whether for adults or children, or as advertised on the Website or through any other means) until your booking is confirmed, and where applicable, the required session size is reached.

Kayaki mixed rice

Saikyo yaki miso salmon

Hakusai - cabbage roll (cabbage wrapped with mince pork)

Chawanmushi with dashi sauce and ikura topping

Stuffed potato bun/jagaimo manju

Tender shrimp blanketed in a smooth potato dough and topped with silver sauce

Japanese coddled egg/Onsen tamago

Consistency is everything to reach the rich custard like yoke and the right counter-point to the light half-fluid of the white

Stuffed salmon

A feast for the eyes as well as the palate, pink salmon meat is complemented by eggs and by vegetables of different colours

Sukiyaki In a pot

A meal served with grilled tofu,  shirataki noodles, vegetable and sliced beef


Braised chicken with konnyaku, shitake and root vegetables served during New Year's Day

Mabo don

Classic of Sichuan cooking, this is a Japanese version in a rice bowl

Hakusai no Soku seki-zuke

Chinese cabbage pickle

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