Video courtesy of Ghaus and Tripinsiders.  Please note that menus and chefs may change for this class.

Join Our Tourist Cooking Classes And Take a Slice of Singapore Home

What every local Singaporean will tell you is that there is almost nothing they love more than eat (okay maybe shopping).  A prelude to the Tourist Cooking Classes: Food is something of a cultural phenomenon in this country. Thanks to our rich cultural history, we now have a diverse range of Singaporean food, each dish a product of the different ethnic groups found here, namely Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian.

Palate Sensations offers participants an opportunity to experience the diverse multiculturalism of Singaporean food all at one convenient location – at our kitchen. Our Chef will meet you at a local market to purchase the Asian ingredients that you will be using in your cooking class. Participants will then return * to Palate Sensations’ kitchen and begin to cook their chosen Singaporean menu with the expertise and guidance from our chef. You can enjoy your hardwork afterwards at our indoor or outdoor dining area.

Some of the delectable dishes that participants can look forward to cooking at Palate Sensations include traditional dishes such as Sambal Squid, Singapore Laksa, Sambal Kangkong and Chicken Rice. Each participant will receive an apron to keep as a souvenir and a copy of the recipes on the day so they can practice cooking up a storm back home. So come and embark on a uniquely Singaporean culinary adventure with Palate Sensations – it is bound to be a deliciously unforgettable one! This adventure is a private event and requires a minimum of 2 participants to start on any day you choose. You can embark on this adventure with or without a visit to the local market.

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For Tour Operators, we are more than happy to customise a program and menu suitable for your needs.  Please contact us to discuss further.

* Please note that transportation is not provided for the market visit.

Incredibly clean and very modern and the staff was outstanding

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We met Chef Brenda Chew, the Executive Chef for Palate Sensations at the front entrance to Tiong Bahru Market (30 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168898) where the escalators are so that we could go with her to the market and get the ingredients for our cooking class. The market has been in existence for about 50 years and has been redone three times over that period. The first floor are all of the stalls for groceries and other items (the equivalent of a US Strip Shopping Center in that it is pretty much all inclusive for local shopping. Incredibly clean, neat and it smelled about the same as a grocery store in the US. One of the really cool sights in the market were the poultry stalls. I had never seen black chickens before. The birds actually have white feathers but their skin in black and the meat, when cooked, is grey. They are used mostly for soups. The second floor is dedicated to precooked food and there were probably about 50 different food stalls to choose from (very typical of the Hawker Centers throughout Singapore.) After we did the tour of the main market, we up to the stalls and had a very refreshing Soy Milk (had never had one like this before – fresh pressed soy on the rocks.) Was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. After we finished at the market, we took a cab to the Palate Sensations Cooking School that was actually located in a very modern office complex for our class. We made three items: Hainanese Chicken Rice Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce Stir Fry Kang Kong (a local green vegetable but the dish could just as easily have been done with Spinach or Kale or any other leafy green.) We spent about 90 minutes doing the meal preparation including all of the mincing and prep of the various ingredients like lemongrass, garlic, ginger (multiple varieties,) shallots, onions, cucumbers, etc. We also poached the chicken (learned some really neat tricks on how to do it so that meat comes out incredibly moist and tender and not stringy like boiled chicken normally comes out. After the meal was ready, we sat down to what turned out to be an outstanding lunch. I had expected to like the Chicken Rice dish the most but fell in love with the Satay although the Chicken Rice was also outstanding. Was skeptical about the greens at first given some of the ingredients but after one bite, I was hooked. All in all, an outstanding meal and a fantastic way to learn about a local cuisine! If we ever get back to Singapore, will do this again with three other dishes! Anyone coming to Singapore should do this and Palate Sensations is the place to do it. Incredibly clean and very modern and the staff was outstanding.

Great experience with clear & easy hands on cooking instructions

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We booked to first start with a market tour, really worth while to see all the ingredients and discover others we did not use that are everyday items in Singaporean cooking. We spent an hour getting ingredients and then off to the school for the cooking to begin. Kitchen is great, moden and well equipped.

A must for foodies - outstanding hands on experience.

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I am a regular visitor to Singapore and have tried some other cooking classes in Singapore which were rated far higher (including one that is rated the number one attraction in Singapore.) I had the pleasure of doing two private classes here with my neighbour who I was travelling with.