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We are proud to have Singapore’s largest collection of SkillsFuture credit classes: Over 60 different classes covering both baking and cooking.


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Totally worth it and will definitely continue

5 5 1
I'm a long time food enthusiast and Chef in Training is my first formal cooking class. This has just ignited my passion for cooking! It feels addictive, looking at the calendar of lessons available and to mention the convenient timings to match with a full time banker here. I really think, the instructor plays a major role in making or breaking your interest, and our Chef just did the job! It's hard to say what was my favourite class because each of it challenged me enough and gave me just the right amount of knowledge. All my friends and family have heard my stories and tasted my "take aways" and they are fairly impressed. Although it requires a good amount of extra money, I would say it is totally worth it and will definitely continue.

Great experience during the Chef in Training Course

5 5 1
I really enjoyed my time during the Chef in Training Course. After completing the course, I'm much more confident in the kitchen, and feel like the knowledge and experience gained will be hugely beneficial. I also want to thank to our Chef Instructor as I always looked forward to their classes, wit and benefiting from their impressive experience and wisdom. I can't wait for the new course to begin! Lastly, I really like the studio facilities, as I feel it allows for maximum hands-on experience.

A delightful class!

5 5 1
Thanks for a delightful class, first one, but definitely not the last. Hope to create some of what we learnt tonight very soon.


You’ll find an overview of frequently asked questions about SkillsFuture Classes here.