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SkillsFuture is a national movement to enable all Singaporeans over the age of 25 to develop to their fullest potential throughout life.  We are very excited that Palate Sensations, through our SkillsFuture cooking courses, can be part of this exciting development in Singapore.

On Monday, I taught the 8-hour Western Culinary Techniques class to 10 enthusiastic participants.  We always start with a food hygiene lecture so that participants can orientate themselves before they step into the kitchen for their practical work followed by

knife skills on vegetable cuts.  13346924_10153581157929149_456285468566777528_nThis is the part that takes the most time as everyone is furiously and diligently cutting their vegetables into julienne, batonette and various sizes of dice cuts.   Working in pairs, they make the final recipes together although all the techniques are practiced individually. 13319785_10153581144504149_3756796707009670050_n

Some people who have never deboned a whole chicken before get a bit squirmish but after I show them how easy it is, they get right into it. From the vegetable cuts and the deboned chicken, we make 2 recipes: deboned roasted maryland chicken (thigh and drumstick) stuffed with cheese and spinach and served with mash potatoes, and marinated seared chicken breasts served with sauteed diced vegetables.  We also made vegetable and chicken stock from all the vegetable off cuts and the chicken carcasses. For those who are curious about taking the first steps to becoming a western cuisine chef, our SkillsFuture cooking course is a great introductory class for you.  It's fully hands on, lots of fun and after 8 hours, you should get a good insight into how to cut your vegetables perfectly into the desired sizes and how to debone and cook your chicken pieces perfectly using different cooking methods.

Not gonna lie, but Palate Sensations’ open concept kitchen is amazeballs. Outfitted with sharp knives, pasta makers, and all sorts of other equipment, we’re telling you, the studio is essentially a culinary playground.

Adeline Ang at blogged about her experience at Palate Sensations.

13322133_10153581194969149_6198363904516988638_n 13305214_10153581201439149_4925703447663177997_oDiscover how you can use your SkillsFuture Credit to offset class fees at Palate Sensations' Skillsfuture cooking courses. 

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