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shalu20.“I love teaching as it allows me to help people transition to plant-based eating and open their minds to new ways of eating. I believe in down-to-earth good food, using the best produce and imparting loads of flavor through fresh herbs and spices.”

Born into a family of great cooks, Shalu was exposed to the art of cooking at a young age and picked up many family secrets along the way, but is constantly reinventing her style to keep things fresh and modern. Her niche is healthy vegetarian cuisine panning all styles – Asian street food to contemporary Western cuisine, and her goal is to disprove the myth that vegetarian food is boring, the dishes she creates are bursting with flavour and tantalising to even the most extreme of carnivores. After a successful stint teaching at a The Hutong school in Beijing, Shalu is back in Singapore and has introduced her creative style of teaching here and has written a comprehensive guide to Singapore vegetarian restaurants. Apart from cooking, her other passion is travelling which she combines with her art by getting inspiration from exciting food around the world, and attending courses overseas to broaden her repertoire. Shalu recently acquired her professional diploma in vegetarian cuisine from Cordon Vert Cookery School in the U.K. which has added a new dimension to her creative cooking skills. Due to her in-depth knowledge and passion for food, Shalu was featured in the Lonely Planet Singapore 2012.  Shalu is an MOE (Ministry of Education) registered instructor.

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Shalu Asnani