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susan“Some people call pastry chefs scientists, while some know them to be artists. The exceptional ones, however, have been regarded by many as magicians. Highly grateful that my stint in Paris has granted me invaluable insights and inspirations for French pastry, I am now absolutely thrilled to bring a part of the Parisian life to you. From the evening breeze along the River Seine to the buttery aromas of freshly baked croissants in Boulangeries, French pastry immerses people in astounding experiences. Indulge yourselves in the magnificence of French desserts and get inspired – one bite at a time.”

Chiak graduated from Ferrandi Paris, an acclaimed French School of Culinary Arts, where he was trained in French pastry to be a professional pâtissier. He did his internship in the world-renowned Ritz Paris, a luxurious Parisian hotel holding the status of a ‘Palace’ because of its exceptional reputation that exceeds the five-star hotel rating in France. During his time in Paris, Chiak’s exposure to the enchanting Parisian pastry scene has allowed him a thorough understanding and appreciation for French desserts.

While at Ferrandi, Chiak was offered the opportunity to work alongside several of the school’s chefs in conducting professional pastry classes and demonstrations to the public. He was also selected to be involved in major events such as ‘Salon de la Pâtisserie’ and ‘Taste of Paris’. There, he worked together with professionals of the industry, such as the chefs of the famous Ladurée Paris, in creating luxurious pastries.

Since the tender age of 8, Chiak aspired to be a chef. As a child, he would spend his time observing his grandmother intently as she cooked and prepared various cakes and pastries. At age 19, he graduated as top student from Shatec Institutes with a Diploma in Culinary Skills. He was trained as an apprentice in French fine dining restaurant Au Petit Salut, where he refined his basic techniques and knowledge of French cuisine and pastry. He subsequently moved to work at Le Bistrot du Sommelier, a bistrot offering authentic French fare.

Shortly after, Chiak developed the urge to delve deeper into the fundamentals of patisserie. This sparked in him a heightened passion for French pastries and he took more interest in creating modern French cakes, pastries, chocolates and confections. Following his passion, Chiak decided to further improve himself and made his move to learn from the esteemed professionals in Paris.

Heavily inspired by the exceptional standards of both the French chefs and pastries alike, Chiak has made it his absolute ambition to bring a part of Paris back to Singapore. He is excited to let people around him experience the wonders of French desserts without having to travel around half the world. Chiak looks forward to sharing his skills and knowledge with anyone – be it a professional chef, a home cook, or just about anybody who is eager to learn.

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Seah Yang Chiak