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Kamal2“I believe that anyone can cook to appease hunger, the aim should be to cook with passion and prepare food that makes the soul replete. 

Growing up in a country with immense variety and versatility of spices really fired my interest in cooking. I learnt my craft initially from the women of my family but over the last 22 years, I have built my skill and created my own recipes.”

Chef Priya has had an interesting career. She started giving classes at home, urged on by friends and family. Pretty soon, the classes grew in popularity and friends of friends were also asking to be included.

Chef Priya finally decided that it was time to put method to the madness by enrolling in Culinary Arts and graduating from At- Sunrice. She did stints in an Italian fine dining restaurant which taught her the importance of impressive plating and presentation of dishes. She believes her passion for teaching comes from her deep love for creating culinary dishes that pleases the soul. She also believes that cooking can be made simple and enjoyable.

Chef Priya has prepared an array of dishes with its roots in the deep spices of India and combined them with the rich sauces of Western cuisine to create simple to cook dishes that look and taste great.  Priya is WSQ ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) trained.

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Priya Joseph