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Paula-Tan“I take pleasure in seeing great food served on home dining tables.”

Unrelentless passion for baking since college years away from home in the Canadian allure, and throughout 25 years of raising a family, Paula took her culinary aspiration to greater heights at BITC and was trained in various kinds of dough preparation for asian pastries. She went on to pursue her Trainer License in the art of Japanese Bread Making @ ABC Cooking Studio located in Ngee Ann City.

Her profession as a realtor of 20 years rewarded her numerous flexible hours in the kitchen, experimenting different kinds of pastries recipes she adored. She takes great joy and pride in serving her steam baos, assorted mooncakes , asian breads , huaiyang pastries and asian popular snack foods to friends and family. Whenever some stolen time is endowed on her, she takes pleasure in sharing several of her favourite recipes at her humble blog and Youtube channel @PaulaCookingFingers .

Autumn Festival 2015, she pioneered some new flavoured tea-infused snowskin mooncakes for 1872 Clipper Tea Co and conducted a workshop for their distinguished patrons at their new launch of the Timeless Earl Grey. She also introduced her Rainbow Snowskin Mooncakes to EDBI in their staff bonding session. Besides conducting group workshops, she conducted a private class for the staff of a Vietnamese bakery in mooncake making .

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Paula Tan