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Mini Meow joined Palate Sensations in January 2019 as our Chief Mouse Officer. Together with Chairman Meow, he is in charge of greeting all our participants and ensuring our customers leave satisfied. He has an added responsibility of ensuring our outdoor dining area is free of critters. He is extremely attentive and takes his work very seriously.. as long as he is appropriately fed and watered. When not working, he is often found napping at his “desk”.

Mini Meow is a well loved stray cat that Palate Sensations is fostering. Our aim is to provide a safe home for him for the rest of his life. He is on a special diet and he is fed twice a day. He has been micro chipped, neutered, vaccinated, and dewormed. He makes regular visits to the vet to ensure that he remains in tip top condition. Do say Hi to him when you come for your class!

Mini Meow