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Kamal2“With over 40 years of experience, I have worked my craft in hotels, fine-dining restaurants as well as hawkers. I now believe that people should be able to take the authentic crafts of North Indian cuisine to their own kitchens without relying on short-cuts and mixes. See you at Palate Sensations.”

Chef Kamal Kumar Channa has over 40 years of cooking experience in North Indian Cuisine. He has successfully earned accolades as a chef and a business owner and he understands the needs of the kitchen, manpower management and the economics of being in the food & beverage industry.

Upon graduation from Delhi University with a Bachelor’s Degree in The Arts, Chef Channa excelled in a 3-year apprenticeship program with the Indian Tourism Development Corporation, passing in the trade of “Cook General”.  Fueled by his passion, he learnt skills in various sections such as the pantry, bakery, super-club (western hot kitchen) and production kitchen at the Ashok Hotel in New Delhi. Chef Channa has worked in Calcutta, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Australia.  In 1987, he moved to Singapore and worked in hotels.  Currently, as a freelance chef instructor for Indian cuisine, Chef Channa enjoys sharing his vast knowledge and international experience in both theory and practical classes to private groups, F&B diploma students and corporate teams.

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Kamal Channa