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jean“After all these years, baking is still magical for me. I always look forward to seeing the excitement on my participant’s faces as they take something as basic as flour and after learning the various techniques, be able to create artisanal bread out of their own hands. This to me, is what teaching is all about.”

Jean Philippe Landry has been baking bread since he was 16 years old. Hailing from Annecy in the Alps, he horned his artisan bread making skills with Kevin Le Meur, a 4th generation master artisan baker. Jean Philippe now lives in Bangkok and runs Maison Jean Philippe, an artisan commercial bakery suppling sourdough breads and pastries to the best hotels, restaurants and cafes in Thailand.

Jean Philippe is passionate about his craft and loves to share his skills with like minded individuals who are hungry to learn and enjoy the pleasure of turning simple ingredients into the most amazing pastries and breads. He currently offers consulting services to start up bakeries and teaches at several schools in Bangkok including Le Cordon Bleu and PBA. He runs the 5 Day Bread & Pastries program at Palate Sensations several times a year.

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Jean Philippe Landry