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susan“I believe in making dim sum the traditional way and I would love to impart that knowledge to my participants. Seeing them cook for themselves and making beautiful intricate dim sum gives me a sense of accomplishment.”

Jackie’s mother set up Kowloon HK Tim Sum Restaurant in Miri, Sarawak in Malaysia in 1987. It is there that Jackie learnt how to make HK dim sum under the watchful eyes of the shifus (skilled teachers). Jackie believes in traditions and making dim sum and moon cakes by hand. He was a consultant to Tak Po Dim Sum Restaurant in Chinatown before their closure in 2018. He spends his spare time exchanging and sharing recipes with fellow chefs as he is constantly on the look out for better ways to make dim sum and moon cakes.  In 2010, Jackie participated in the Singapore Book of Records’ Longest Swiss Roll making contest.

Jackie spent a considerable part of his life as a social worker. He volunteers on a weekly basis at St John’s – St Margaret’s Church as a piano player entertaining the residents in the nursing home.

Jackie Cheong