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loreta2“A cake can most definitely taste as good as it looks, as long as you put in hard work and passion.”

At a young age of 18, Eunice took the road less travelled and pursued her passion for baking instead of tertiary education. Initially starting out an assistant baker for two boutique bakeries, Eunice now has her own brand Stick To Grams. She boasts a variety of pastry skills including decorating buttercream cakes, piping buttercream flowers and making intricate character macarons.

Eunice continuously upgrades herself by attending courses held by renowned bakers such as Nana, Don’t Tell Charles and Cakes By Cliff. She is a certified food handler and takes pride in keeping her baking environment pristine. Eunice hopes to share her joy of baking with others and prove that anyone with passion can be a good baker.

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Eunice Sng