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low2“You most certainly ARE what you eat. The next time you bite into something appetising, ask yourself whether you are respecting your body and your environment… if the answer is ‘no’ then step away.”

Charlotte is a chef, a food strategist, an extreme globetrotter and quite the feminist. Her career started 15 years ago in her hometown Milano, working in both trattorias and Michelin starred establishments.

With a Degree in Film Studies, a Culinary Diploma from renowned ALMA  and a Masters in Business Management, she’s as multifaceted as she’s resourceful, and the reason why she was awarded the ‘Young Professional Business Award’ at the 2013 Italian Chamber of Commerce Business Awards in Singapore.

Living in Singapore since 2011, she was Executive Chef at Palate Sensations Cooking School until 2014.  Since then, she is a food entrepreneur passionate about the anthropology of food and the ethics of eating. 

Charlotte D’Isidoro