Calista Ong

Calista Ong

“Food has such a special way to bond people from all communities together. Communal dining is what brings laughter to the table and closes the gap between food cultures.”

Calista is passionate about food. She was drawn to the F&B scene when she felt that the normal academic route in Singapore was just not cut out for her.

Having garnered experience first in the front of house, her interest slowly evolved into the culinary arts as she watched the chefs behind the scenes prepping the food she was serving to the guests.

Enrolling in The Culinary Institute of America, Singapore in 2011, she met great instructors who mentored her on the foundations of cooking. She was intrigued by how culinary science and arts could merge to bring out a dish, unique to the individual who prepares it.

Through her internship, kitchen work and operational experience, she realized that the depth of knowledge that goes into learning about food is endless. Talking to people about food is always an enjoyable topic and it breaks down the boundaries of country borders when one tries to learn and immerse in the culture of a cuisine they are unfamiliar with.

Having just started a new family with her chef husband, she juggles her time now just like how a chef multitasks in the kitchen. When not at work, she’s a busy mom to her toddler. When at work, she’s a serious conductor managing the operations to ensure clients have an enjoyable and fulfilling time at Palate Sensations. Her philosophy on life is that it’s all about balance between work, family, fun, exercise and of course, eating.

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