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Amelia_Seko2“I have been teaching at Palate Sensations for more than 7 years. Within that period, I have strived not just to impart knowledge of authentic Japanese dishes and ingredients but the culture itself. I am ever grateful for all the positive comments from my previous participants. These feedback are a crucial source of motivation and inspiration for me to keep doing what I do.”

Chef AMELIA SEKO has been whipping up authentic Japanese food from home for the past 18 years. A desire to impart her knowledge and share her passion for the cuisine sees her joining Palate Sensations as a Guest Chef. Having been married to a Japanese and with 3 gourmet food-loving daughters, Amelia only produces the best from her kitchen at her family’s insistence. Amelia believes that Japanese food must not only taste good but also be aesthetically pleasing to invoke all senses of umami (うまみ).

So come and experience pleasure in this brand new series of classes by AMELIA SEKO, specially designed to tantalise and awaken your palate. Master the finesse of essential Japanese cuisine, with a step-by-step guide and an introduction of must-have ingredients in a Japanese kitchen. Amelia is an MOE (Ministry of Education) registered instructor. She is also WSQ ACTA (Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment) trained.

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Amelia Seko