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Alvin03“Cocktails can be made by anyone and everyone, and I like that you can see an individual’s personality in a glass. Here’s to alcohol, the rose coloured glasses of life.

Alvin is the owner of Pocket Bar Concepts, a one-stop mobile bar service provider in Singapore. Equipped with our own portable bar and our quirky team of bartenders, we aim to brighten up your event with our services.

Intrigued by what goes on behind the bar and into your drink? Let us take you on a learning journey. One part knowledge, one part technique and with equal parts of fun. The workshop will focus on classic cocktails, done right with fresh fruits and ingredients. We will also cover the basic tools of the trade, bartending techniques and how to set up your own home cocktail bar to impress your guests.

If we have managed to pique your interest, feel free to drop us a note and we can further discuss how we can bring the tipple to you!

Sign up for Alvin’s classes here.

Alvin Singh