Alfie Jerome Mossadeg

Alfie Jerome Mossadeg

“For me, cooking is an expression of the land where you are and the culture of that place. South East Asian food is very easy to like because it hits your mouth very differently. Compared to European food which may hit 2 flavours such as sweet and salty, Asian food tends to encompass all four flavours (sweet, salty, spicy and sour) all at once.”

Alfie cooks Singaporean cuisine family style meals fused with flavors from neighbouring Southeast Asian Countries – Thailand, Bali and Malaysia. HIs dishes are healthy and packed with fresh herbs, exotic ingredients, and spices with a twist of western influence. He might look badass, but he doesn’t bite although his food is worth every bite.

Working in the Singapore Prison as a chef and inmate helped Alfie develop his cooking skills further. Upon his release, he worked for French Chefs Francois Mermilliod from Flutes @ The Fort and Patrick Heuburger from Au Petit Salut which refined his cooking techniques and honed his skills in French Cuisine. In 2010, a friend secretly entered his name for a cooking competition called Chef Selebriti and he placed fourth in the competition amongst the hundreds that had applied. Afterwards, Alfie left for Bali for 5 years to take on the responsibility of head chef in Baba, Huu Bar, a 12 year iconic establishment in Bali for clubbing and fine dining. There, he became known as the “Laksa King”. He has recently returned to Singapore after a 2 year stint as Executive Chef of Dream Phuket Hotel & Spa. Alfie is an MOE (Ministry of Education) registered instructor.

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