Team Picture

The Team Behind Palate Sensations

  • Chef Lynette Foo
    The Boss
  • Chef Calista Ong
    Operations Manager
  • Chef Randall Tailford
    Executive Chef
  • Chef Loreta Valdez
    Cuisine Chef
  • Chef Al Manas
    Pastry Chef

Guest Chefs

  • Low Shih Erh
    Asian Cuisine
  • Kingsley Tan
    SE Asian Cuisine
  • Alfie Mossadeg
    SE Asian Cuisine
  • Susan Raj
    SE Asian Cuisine
  • Chef Amelia Seko
    Amelia Seko
    Japanese Cuisine
  • Hana Madanat
    Middle East Cuisine
  • Hayedeh Sedghi
    Persian Cuisine
  • Kamal Channa
    Indian Cuisine
  • Priya Joseph
    Mod Indian Cuisine
  • Alicia Tivey
    Indonesian Cuisine
  • Francois Mermilliod
    French Cuisine
  • Shalu Asnani
    Vegetarian Cuisine
  • LeonardTheDietitian
  • Alma Gabriel
  • Alvin Singh
    Cocktail Mixologist
  • Paula Tan
    Bread & Pastry
  • Seah Yang Chiak
    Cakes & Pastry
  • Eunice Sng
    Cakes & Pastry