We have developed nine unique team building programmes in three broad categories for participants to exercise qualities such as time management, leadership qualities, decision making skills, task prioritisation, multi-tasking and of course, teamwork.

The Social Scene

The purpose of these team building activities is to ensure that all participants work well together in their teams. Led by Palate Sensation’s Executive Chef, the teams will reproduce an agreed menu. These types of exercises are suitable for teams who just want to have fun and socialise while cooking a meal together; and for those who already know each other well.

Hell’s Kitchen

Inspired by TV reality show Hell’s Kitchen, the purpose of these team building events are to test members working in their teams on their ability to present a coherent strategy, effectively communicate, make decisions and execute their ideas successfully. Led by Palate Sensation’s Executive Chef, teams will be pitted against each other according to the criteria set by the chef. These types of exercises are suitable for teams who do not meet often or interact with each other, teams with new members; and companies who want to challenge their employees and test their abilities to work together in an ever changing and fast paced environment. Ready to turn up the heat in the kitchen?

Great experience with Palate Sensations - The team liked it!

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Thank You for organizing this for us. This was a very very happy experience and the team liked it. The food and service are wonderful! The chefs had really gone an extra mile to deliver the quality and satisfaction for the whole workshop and we appreciate that! Please pass this message to the chefs and the crew!! The team had a wonderful evening on Tuesday and the rain actually helped to lower the temperature in the outdoor area which is great 😉

Fun place to spend the night

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Well organized cooking class, ideal for team building session and for having a lot of fun! We cooked a 4 course menu and had a really lazy night there! Our chef from Spain was really good at keeping us working and letting us having an enjoyable evening.

Everyone enjoyed this cooking experience!!!

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Thank you for that. Everyone enjoyed this cooking experience very much. Keep up the good work!

Social Responsibility

This programme is highly suitable for companies looking to give back to their community. Participants will be involved in an event that serves to help the needy while building their culinary skills.

Business Dining Etiquette

Having exceptional business dining etiquette could make or break your career.  This is a chance for your team to learn the ins and outs of proper dining etiquette and how to behave appropriately.  Some of the areas we will cover include learning how to use your utensils the correct way, how to eat different types of food, what to do with your napkin in all situations, and what seating arrangements mean and where you should sit.  In short, learn all the dos and dont’s so that you can eat with confidence!  The class will comprise of lectures, practical exercises and a sit down 3 course meal.

Bring out the best in your teams.  To find out how we can help you, contact us.