Bring Out The Best In Your Teams. Enjoy A Unique Cooking Team Building Experience in Singapore

All Corporate Team Building Events can be considered part of Training Costs and are therefore claimable under PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit Scheme) in Singapore.  Fostering team work, communication and leadership are all essential skills necessary to improve productivity and innovation amongst employees, thus leading to the ability to generate increased revenue for the company.

Team work is a vital ingredient of any successful company or organisation. If you have a group of motivated and talented people working together as one, you can overcome any obstacle in your path. At Palate Sensations, we understand how important team work in the corporate setting is.

With over 10 years of experience, our team has successfully organised cooking team building events for over five hundred MNCs and SMEs, many of them repeat clients. The events we conduct serve to help corporations motivate their staff, strengthening their working relationships in the process.

As teams progress throughout the events, corporations will find their staff building more confidence and  unity with newfound skills, as they accomplish milestones together. The events focus on hands-on experience so as to promote experimental and experiential learning, allowing individuals to truly immerse themselves in set situations.

With a fully air conditioned open concept kitchen of over 2000 sq ft, enough space to accommodate up to 75 participants, state of the art equipment and appliances, a team of professional chefs to offer impeccable service, and menu options that offer great food and drink options, Palate Sensations offers a convenient, easy and seamless corporate team building experience for your company. Our location at Biopolis offers easy access to meeting rooms and auditoriums that can accommodate up to 450 people so meetings before and after your corporate team building event can be easily organised all in one location.  Optional add-ons such as a post-event dining menu, corporate gifts and photography services are available. Convenient, sheltered parking is available. Our venue also includes an outdoor dining space for participants to mingle before and after the event.

We have developed nine unique team building programmes in three broad categories for participants to exercise qualities such as time management, leadership qualities, decision making skills, task prioritisation, multi-tasking and of course, teamwork.  Find out more here.

Fun filled cooking class for our company's team building

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Had fun today here. We actually didn't attend any class but rather just had a team building event which is kind of like a mini Master Chef. However, Lynette- the instructor and the chef who was our judge were very pleasant. Facilities are good and we totally enjoyed the experience.

Lots of fun at Palate Sensations!

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Thank you so much for the recipes. Our team had such a great afternoon COOKING together! We had lots of fun and laughter and we greatly enjoyed ourselves. Many thanks to you, for making this event a truly memorable one. We'll never forget the wonderful experience we had together.

Considering Palate Sensations for our future team building

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We will definitively think of Palate Sensations for future team building activities. Thank you for hosting us yesterday, the participants had a lot of fun and makes a different in today’s segement.

Bring out the best in your teams.  To find out how we can help you, contact us.


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